Meredith Levy


Therapy is Not Just For When You Are Crazy

In this episode…

Welcome to Your Mental Breakdown, hosted byDoug Friedman and Meredith Levy. YMB is a psychotherapy entertainment podcast featuring two licensed therapists. They are real people outside the office, and real therapists in sessions inside the office, who follow a client along the process of personal growth and healing in therapy. Doug andMeredith kick off the show by introducing who they are, how they met, why they are doing this, and what you can expect in the episodes to come. They talk about ways in which this show will demystify and destigmatize therapy, and what to know when seeking out a therapist. They explain why one may want to consider therapy and introduce us to the client we will hear in upcoming sessions. This episode features the client’s first session followed by Doug and Meredith breaking it down afterwards.