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Roundtable #1 with Bonnie Rae & John Sovec

In this episode… For a special bonus episode this week, Doug and Meredith are joined by their friends and colleagues; John Sovec and Bonnie Rae, both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. They have an open and honest conversation about topics such as disclosing sexual orientation with clients, handling the nerves of the first visit, how…

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You Have Issues, I Have Issues

In this episode… The very adorkable Doug and Meredith return back this week to share how they typically begin their therapy sessions and give a recap of the trust and vulnerability issues that the client, Andrew, dealt with in his recent three sessions. Andrew and Doug work on organizing fractured thoughts into a clearer picture…

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The Good, The Bad, and The Plaid

In this episode… This week, Doug and MerMer remind us to not “should” all over ourselves and then recap the first two sessions with Andrew (the Client has been given a name for the podcast). Session three includes Andrew opening up about traumatic incidents that contributed to the strained relationships with both his brother and…

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Please Don’t Should All Over Yourself

This week, Doug and Meredith reminisce aboutDoug’s parachute pants and MerDog’s love of Megadeth. They talk about how to know when a session is over, taking notes, and how they prevent burnout. Doug shares his Buddhism dropout story, and then we dive into the client’s second therapy session. During the session,Doug and the Client focus…

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Therapy is Not Just For When You Are Crazy

In this episode… Welcome to Your Mental Breakdown, hosted byDoug Friedman and Meredith Levy. YMB is a psychotherapy entertainment podcast featuring two licensed therapists. They are real people outside the office, and real therapists in sessions inside the office, who follow a client along the process of personal growth and healing in therapy. Doug andMeredith…

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Welcome to Your Mental Breakdown

In this episode… Welcome to Your Mental Breakdown. Introducing Doug Friedman and Meredith Levy, both licensed psychotherapists, longtime friends, and the co-hosts of this podcast. These episodes will feature one of their client’s actual therapy session, so you can follow along with their progress as it’s happening, in real time. In each episode, Doug and…

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